Kampot Pepper

There’s pepper and then there’s Cambodia’s Kampot pepper. You might think that the stuff that comes out of shakers and grinders is pretty much the same wherever you go, but to increasing numbers of chefs, restaurateurs and foodies, ordinary pepper bears as much resemblance to Kampot pepper as vin de table does to fine Bordeaux.


When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper you will experience an exquisite taste experience, help farmers and feed kids!

The way it works is that community partners sign up for free and during the COVID-19 crisis we have increased the revenue share from 35% to 50%.

Our featured community-partner is the Union Protein Project that purchases much needed protein and delivers it to local Food Banks for about twenty cents on the dollar.

We invite you to support local Food Banks: BUY FAIR TRADE KAMPOT PEPPER or register for free and we’ll create you a custom e-commerce site. We have opened up our system to workers affected by COVID-19 and they can open a custom store in Canada and in the United States.

Last year the Union Protein Project subsidized $900,000 in protein for BC/ALTA Food Banks.

North Americans consume 217 grams of pepper a year. If 1/10th of one percent bought Fair Trade Kampot Pepper, the best pepper in the world, that can provide 50 million meals because Food Banks can deliver from six to ten meals for every dollar they receive.

Another benefit to this social purpose campaign is that when you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper your purchase not only helps local causes but is integral in rebuilding an industry virtually destroyed by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and one that is struggling due to the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We welcome your support and know that once you taste Kampot Pepper no other pepper will do.



Please note the community partner share has been increased from 35% to 50%