Support Food Banks!

Inflation, supply chain disruptions and climate emergencies have increased the demand on our food banks. The increase in food prices is the highest in 41 years. Food bank visits in BC are increasing more than the national average.

There’s pepper and then there’s Cambodia’s Kampot pepper. You might think that the stuff that comes out of shakers and grinders is pretty much the same wherever you go, but to increasing numbers of chefs, restaurateurs and foodies, ordinary pepper bears as much resemblance to Kampot pepper as vin de table does to fine Bordeaux.

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When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper you will experience an exquisite taste experience and the retail portion (35%) goes to the Protein Project that subsidizes protein for over 100 Food Banks in BC and Alberta. A ten dollar purchase of Fair Trade Kampot Pepper can fund up to $14.00 of protein (tuna, salmon and peanut butter).


Interested in helping? We are looking for volunteers and we can send you a support widget that can be put on your website or you can simply paste the url of this page in your social media. Many thanks for your support.

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