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Update from Phnom Voar

I am in Cambodia arranging for the shipment of a ton of Kampot Pepper and Kampot Sea Salt. It is a bit of a process to be sure. Lots of paperwork and slow going but I will have lots of inventory for the upcoming holiday season. I will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign soon and am also building a FundRazr Campaign for one of our community partners – Union Protein Project next month. Here’s a preview of our Kickstarter video.

The Union Protein Project provides bulk protein at deep discounts and then further subsidizes Food Bank purchases from donations from Unions

Last year the UPP provided $900,000 at retail of salmon, tuna and peanut butter to over 100 Food Banks in BC and Alberta. By partnering with our 50 Million Meals Campaign the UPP receives 35% of all community-driven sales and their holiday goal is to sell $100,000 worth of Kampot Pepper and Kampot Sea Salt to raise $35,000 for protein for these Food Banks.

This partnership not only helps alleviate hunger in BC and Alberta but helps the small Cambodian pepper farmers who were devastated during the Cambodian Genocide. The farmers are rebuilding and with our help we can rebuild their ancient farming tradition and provide a future of hope and prosperity in a region where 70& of the population live in poverty.

Here’s a photo of my family packaging up holiday gift bags for the upcoming season.

It’s a family affair.

Please check back here to find out the exact dates for our crowdfunding launches. Akun Chiran (Thank you very much in Khmer)