Kampot Pepper (Black 454 Grams)


Although black pepper, the King of Spice, is the top selling spice in the world (salt is a mineral) most consumers, even ardent pepper lovers, do not know that Kampot Pepper is considered the ‘King of Kings’ and the Best Pepper in the World.  Foodies in general and pepper aficionados in particular do not purchase ground pepper or even cracked pepper as the full flavour is best experienced when freshly ground.

What makes Kampot Pepper unique? Experts say that it is the terroir; the rich quartz ladened clay soil, the distance from the sea, the mountainous terrain, the perfect temperature and just the right amount of rainfall combine to make this pepper ‘the best pepper in the world’. You really have to try it to ‘Taste the Difference’. You are in for a treat, especially since each product in our list comes with the recipe for Tuk Meric – the traditional Khmer (Cambodian) lime and pepper sauce that so delighted the late Anthony Bourdain.


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Friends often buy the Best Pepper Ever by the pound so they never run out and often gift some to family and friends.

In order to get the best shipping rates we sell individual 454 gram (one pound) packages.

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