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I got back from my last trip to Cambodia just before the pandemic hit. It has been challenging not only for launching our social purchasing programs but for the small farmers in Cambodia who have had the double whammy of oversupply in 2019 and then the fact that sales have been down about 60% due to the pandemic. (Last year some 25% of the smallest growers quit pepper farming or lost their farms as the larger growers are no longer buying their pepper but buying up the farms and producing their own. )

We have, like everyone else, gone entirely digital. We are working on some fun PSA (public service announcements) like videos that will be played at our supporters webinars and company/organizational online events.

We are also going to be doing online presentations along the lines of and ‘now a word from our sponsors’ where we’ll jump in between discussions and or sessions and tell our story and invite folks to try the Best Pepper Ever and Help Farmers & Feed Kids.

We are looking for opportunities to tell our story so please if you, your company or organization would be interested in playing one of our ads or having us do a short one to three minute presentation pleases let us know.