Corporate Gifts

We offer sustainable Fair Trade gift options that both help small farmers in Cambodia and help in the fight against poverty & hunger. We invite you to purchase Gifts that Give Back’. A ten dollar purchase can deliver up to $14.00 in much needed protein to a food bank.

Here are some sustainable gift ideas:

Corporate Gift Selection (20 Organza Gift Bags).

Tuk Meric – Lime & Pepper Dipping Sauce– Tuk Meric is the traditional Khmer (Cambodian) Lime & Pepper Dipping Sauce that the late Anthony Bourdain raved about. Tuk Meric is a simple but amazingly versatile dipping sauce that is a compliment to any dish; meat, fish, poultry and veg.

We have a new line of beautiful Indigenous designed grinders. Check out our Salmon and Hummingbird Salt and Pepper Grinder set.

And for those who can’t live without the the Best Pepper Ever we now have small travel pumps so you can take your favourite spice with you wherever you go. Don’t leave home without it!!!!

Hosting a conference or event? We have Swag Bags that start at three dollars and we work with you to create a sustainability message giving folks a chance to try the best pepper in the world and explain how this simple but exquisitely delicious helps local food banks. (Note: Swag Bags and the Organza gift bags include the Kampot Pepper story and the recipe for the traditional Tuk Meric lime/pepper sauce.)