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50 Million Meals

My goal is to raise enough money through the sale of the best pepper in the world to provide 50 million meals a year. Once you have tried it no other pepper will do.

It has been a little over a year since I started developing a Fair Trade distribution system for Kampot Pepper. It has been quite a journey. One thing I learned is that not many people have heard of Kampot Pepper but once they have tried it no other pepper will do! I began selling the pepper through my local foundation, then to some small grocers, gift shops, and restaurants.

Giving a pepper tasting at a local shop in North Vancouver

I have been working with a number of groups to test different ways to build a Fair Trade distribution network and in the process of doing my research discovered that Food Banks can deliver as many as ten meals for every dollar they receive. My goal is to raise five million dollars a year for food charities and that can translate into fifty million meals a year. I thank the great work of other social purpose brands for the inspiration for this campaign and in particular I am grateful to the late Paul Newman who’s company ‘Newman’s Own’ donated thirty million dollars to charity last year – surpassing the half-a-billion dollar mark since he created the company in 1982.